The Story of Three Sisters


The Whelan Girls is a creative force bound by the passion of three Southern sisters; Daisy, Katelyn, and Mimi. For The Whelan Girls, design offers an opening into a realm of truth, goodness, beauty and transcendence. They believe that these intrinsic values come straight from, and lead back to, God. Throughtheir process, they are able to bask in the presence of wholeness, harmony, and radiance while sharing it with others. By supporting each other in their own trades and talents - textile, graphic, and interior design- the girls discovered a way to share the spirit of sisterhood with others.

While celebrating Christmas a few years back, the sisters found themselves underwhelmed with the current gift wrapping styles so they held an experiment with making their own from Kraft paper and paint. Their exploration led them into a great abyss in the market for beautiful gift wrap. Since 2016, the trio has developed multiple collections of hand-illustrated designer gift wrap and elevated the art of gifting— something every Southern hostess, guest, friend and sister can truly appreciate. With so much thought going into gift-giving, why let the wrap itself be thoughtless? The Whelan Girls launched their online Gift Shop in March of 2019, and the joy of gifting returned to the world. The story of The Whelan Girls is an authentic inspiration of sisterhood, togetherness, and respect for every precious moment of life. By experiencing life through their brushstrokes, we are drawn into a sensory experience of purity, joy, and wonder. Let’s share it.

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